mondomusic app privacy policy
1. Product Ownership
1.1 mondomusic is developed by and owned by giggleapps s.r.o., a company registered in the Czech Republic

1.2 mondomusic is provided to end users through the Apple App Store and Google Play

2. Data
2.1 mondomusic enables end users to store information about their musical interests and skills, such as the instruments they play, the qualifications they possess, their home locations, the musical genres in which they are interested, the groups they belong to, and the events they will attend, as well as other data. Users may also offer endorsements of other end users, which other end users may accept or reject

2.2 All such data, except for an end user’s home location and email address, are visible to other end users unless explicitly marked as private (for example, user events marked as private are visible only to end users attending the same event)

2.3 mondomusic does not allow an end user’s home location to be shared unless explicitly (through chat) or implicitly if an event or group location can be derived from an end user’s home location

2.4 The proximity of another user is never given as closer than 100 metres

2.5 Data uploaded by mondomusic administration including email addresses, websites, telephone numbers and physical locations are obtained only from publicly available sources

2.6 Data are stored in a Mongo DB database and in document folders (images) which may be distributed across a number of global locations protected by and under the control of Amazon Web Services

3. Consent
3.1 In all cases end users are data controllers and accept full responsibility for the data they store in the mondomusic database

3.2 mondomusic administration reserves the right to remove offensive data at its own discretion

4. Provision of data to third parties
4.1 Data stored in the mondomusic database are not shared with any third party

5. End user rights
5.1 An end user of mondomusic may delete his or her account at any time. All data related to the end user are then permanently deleted from the database, including events, group membership details, chats, endorsements received or given, instruments, teachers, qualifications, as well as the end user’s core account details

6. Data breaches
6.1 Any breach of mondomusic data security will be reported to the appropriate authority and to end users as required by local legislation

7. Complaints
7.1 An end user may report any unacceptable behaviour by another end user to mondomusic administration using a Report button placed on the other end user’s profile page

8. Updates to this Privacy Policy
8.1 End users will be notified in the event of any changes to this privacy policy

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