Terms & Conditions:

gigglemusic enables musicians, music teachers, venues, orchestras, choirs, bands, chamber groups, businesses and music lovers to find each other, to communicate and to promote their skills and activities.

When setting up a profile in gigglemusic you may optionally provide information about yourself, the musical instruments you play or teach, skills, qualifications, musical preferences, engagements, date of birth and contact details, as well as any business services you offer. 

Home location, name and email address are mandatory fields in gigglemusic. However, Email address is never shared, and your home location is never shared explicitly. Your proximity to other users is never shown as less than 100 metres.

All data, with the exception of your email address, home and current location, are publicly available to other gigglemusic users.

You may also create events and include others’ events or group events in your diary. 

Your diary is visible to other gigglemusic users, but you may withhold details of the events you are attending by marking your attendance as private.

Limit of Liability

gigglemusic is also a source of information about events scheduled at venues, such as concert halls and opera houses. 

We use our best endeavours to ensure the accuracy of such information but we are unable to guarantee that data in gigglemusic are correct and up to date. We recommend that you check such information through alternative sources. In many cases we provide website links to other sources. 

gigglemusic accepts no liability for any consequential damages arising from the inaccuracy of information provided by the system.

Unsuitable Content

gigglemusic discourages inappropriately adverse, unfair, obscene or aggressively critical content and we reserve the right to make judgements about such content unilaterally and to remove any such material. 

All obscene or offensive imagery will be removed when reported or discovered. 


gigglemusic reserves the right to remove, delete or reassign users, groups and events if, solely in our judgement, we believe that unauthorised impersonation of another well-established individual or group has been attempted.


gigglemusic reserves the right to delete users and associated data after 12 months of inactivity, or after a longer period, at its sole discretion.


gigglemusic encourages contact between individuals who may not know each other. However, we strongly advise that when you make contact with previously unknown individuals through gigglemusic, you take great care to ensure that you place yourself at no risk. We recommend that you first meet in a public place.

gigglemusic accepts no liability for any adverse events arising from such meetings. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of any user’s personal data.

gigglemusic does not reveal the geographical location of one user to another, though users are at liberty to reveal this information to each other through Chat. 

gigglemusic users should be aware of the risk of revealing their home location, by implication, through publicly visible events and group locations.


From time to time new versions of gigglemusic are released. You may choose to upgrade gigglemusic on your device. However, if you choose not to do so, you accept that in due course your version may become obsolete and that you will then have to upgrade your version of gigglemusic in order to continue using the application. You will be notified in advance of this necessity.

Down Time

From time to time we may need to suspend availability of gigglemusic in order to carry out maintenance work. We will endeavour to give good notice of any such suspension.

GDPR and Your Right to Privacy

gigglemusic complies with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

  • gigglemusic is a data processor under the definitions of GDPR, except in respect of data uploaded by gigglemusic administration from publicly available sources, such as venue schedules, in which case, but only in respect of such data, gigglemusic is a data controller
  • gigglemusic takes all reasonable precautions to ensure the security of data stored in gigglemusic
  • gigglemusic does not, without your consent, reveal personal data to other gigglemusic users or third parties
  • gigglemusic provides you with the option to delete your account at any time. When you do so, all personal data provided by you are removed from the system
  • gigglemusic accepts its obligation under GDPR to report any breaches of data security to the appropriate agency
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