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who isgigglemusic for?

gigglemusic is for everyone in the music world – for players, teachers, orchestras, bands, chamber groups, choirs, clubs, agents, administrators and music lovers. If you’re a player, you can promote your skills to others through gigglemusic. If you’re a teacher, you can find pupils through gigglemusic. If you’re a business, such as a reed maker or instrument repairer, you can find customers through gigglemusic. If you’re an administrator, you can organise your group members and advertise your events to the wider community of musicians and music lovers. If you’re a music lover, you can search for events locally and globally.


For the moment, gigglemusic is free for everyone, regardless of whether you’re promoting yourself, your teaching skills, your group or your business, or just browsing events. We hope that when numbers of users permit, we’ll be able to make money through advertising, sponsorship and website referrals, but we may also introduce charges for those members who obtain some commercial advantage from a listing on gigglemusic, such as teachers and businesses.

how do I get started with gigglemusic?

You can download gigglemusic from the App Store or from GooglePlay. Once installed, create an Account by specifying your email address, name, base location, display language and location privacy settings. As soon as you’ve created your Account gigglemusic will send you a One-Time-Code (OTC) to the email address you’ve specified. You must enter this into gigglemusic in order to proceed further. Once you’ve entered the correct OTC tap the Edit icon if you want to tell gigglemusic more about yourself. This will be your profile. You can upload a picture (subject to authorization by gigglemusic administration before it becomes visible to others), specify the instruments you play or teach, and provide details of any business you run. In the case of instruments that you play, you may also name your Teachers. All such data may optionally be included in your CV. When you’re satisfied with the Profile you’ve created you can start to explore People, Groups and Events in your vicinity.  

how can I find an event using gigglemusic?

When you’re exploring Events you’ll notice that the closest Events to your current location are shown first. You can use Filters (tap the icon at the top right of the page) to find Events close to your base location or any other location that you specify. And if you’re looking for a particular Event, for example Wagner’s Parsifal you can enter ‘Parsifal’ into the Filter Search field and only Events with an Event Name containing ‘Parsifal’ will be shown.  Events are shown for a particular date and you can move forwards and backwards one day at a time by tapping the < or > controls. (gigglemusic will give you today’s date as a start date.) If you want to go backwards or forwards until at least one Event can be found that meets your Filter criteria, tap << or >>. So, if you want to find the next performance of Parsifal anywhere in the world, enter ‘Parsifal’ into the Filter Search field, tap Apply and then >>.

why is the Events, Groups or People page empty when I am searching?

When you set Filter values and then tap Apply, your current Filter settings are stored and are used when you next search for Events, Groups or People. If your results page is empty it may be because Filter settings have been applied and nothing currently qualifies for inclusion. Try using the Clear button on your Filter settings and then tapping Apply.

I’ve forgotten my password. what should I do?

There’s a link to a ‘Forgotten Password’ page on the login page. Follow this link and then follow gigglemusic’s instructions.

how can I delete all my data and remove myself from gigglemusic?

Tap Edit Profile from the Home Page and then tap Delete Profile. You will be requested to confirm. On confirmation, all your data will be deleted.

someone is annoying me. what can I do?

You can use the Block button at the bottom of a user’s Profile page to sever contact with a user and make him or her invisible to you. You will then also become invisible to that person.

how can I report someone to gigglemusic administration?

If a gigglemusic user behaves in a way that contravenes gigglemusic’s terms and conditions or behaves abusively or threateningly then you should report him or her to gigglemusic Admin using the Report button at the bottom of the user’s Profile page. gigglemusic, at its own discretion, may warn the user or remove him or her from the system.

group events are copied to my diary automatically. how can I stop that from happening?

When you become a Group member by joining a Group, accepting an invitation to join or having your application to join accepted, you have a choice as to whether any new Group Events should automatically be copied to your diary. Whatever your choice may be, you can change this setting by tapping the diary icon next to the Group name in your Groups page (Groups I Manage and Groups I Belong To). You will be asked to confirm any change to this setting.

how can I indicate that I’m not available on certain days or at certain times?

You can use gigglemusic to publish your diary to other users, revealing details of your musical engagements, or keeping them private. You can also indicate that on certain days or at certain times you’re Unavailable. To do this, tap on the diary icon at the bottom of the page, tap Create Event, and then create an event with ‘Unavailable time’ (right at the top of the page) checked. You won’t have to enter more than the date of your unavailability, and then either All Day or specific times. Don’t forget to Save the event.

how can I include or exclude items from my CV?

You can choose which Instruments, Teachers, Qualifications, Endorsements and Events are to be included in your CV. All such items have associated ‘Include in CV’ checkboxes. In the case of Events you may also specify the Role (soloist, accompanist, sound engineer, etc.) that you performed at the Event and supply a Description.

how can I define certain days as days when I am not available?

However eager you are as a musician to be invited to play at or attend an Event, there are bound to be times when you do not wish to be available. If you want your diary to show when you’re unavailable as well as when you’re busy, then you should create All-Day or time-limited Events that are checked as ‘Show as Unavailable’. You can create an Event using a button at the bottom of your diary page.  

how can I conceal details of an events I am attending from other gigglemusic users?

Whether you’re attending a Group Event or a Private Event you can mark your attendance as Private. To do this you should tap the Make Private or Make Public icon next to the Event in your diary.

how can I copy an event to my diary?

Whether you’re looking at an Event in a Group diary, another user’s diary or in the Events list, you can easily include an Event in your own diary by tapping the diaries icon.

how can I remove an event from my diary?

You can easily remove an Event from your Diary by clicking the diary icon just next to the Event Name in your diary. You’ll be asked to confirm removal. Note that you can add the Event back to your diary at any time.

how can I find out if my friends are attending an event in my diary?

Tap the three dots to the right of an Event Name in your diary, or another’s diary or a Group diary and choose Participants. This will list any of your friends or any members of Groups to which you also belong, who have this Event in their diary.

how can I ask gigglemusic to add to the instrument, genre, business type or other lists in gigglemusic?

Contact us through this website. We welcome any suggestions, though we can’t guarantee that we will be able to do what you request.

how do languages work in gigglemusic?

gigglemusic is available in a number of Display Languages. You can change your Display Language whilst editing your Profile. You will then see labels, instrument names, genres, group types, event types, statuses, etc., in the language you have chosen. Free text is not translated.

must I enter my exact home address?

gigglemusic delivers powerful proximity searches for people, groups and events. These functions are dependent on your choice of a base location. This chosen location may be your home, a neutral place in your vicinity, your town centre or, indeed, (with reduced usefulness) anywhere else in the world. gigglemusic does not expect nor does it allow the manual entry of a precise address. Base location is chosen through a Google Maps window by the placing of a pin. gigglemusic stores only an approximate definition of the chosen location and this location is never revealed to other users.

how can I conceal my distance from other users?

gigglemusic shows how far you are away from your Friends or other gigglemusic users. You may not want anyone to know how close or far away you are. To suppress the display of distance on other users’ People searches edit your profile and check the ‘Never Reveal My Distance’ checkbox. You can change your mind about this at any time. Note that your distance will still determine your listing position in People searches.

how can I stop the app from using my current location?

gigglemusic stores your current location as you travel from one place to another. This enables others to see how far away you are and enables you to see how far away other users, Groups and Events are. You may prefer that distance is always shown in relation to your base location. To achieve this, edit your profile and check ‘Don’t Use My Current Location’. You can change your mind about this at any time.


gigglemusic stores your base location and current location using latitude and longitude coordinates to an accuracy of three decimal places, which places you within about 100 metres north to south and, depending on your latitude, between 100 metres and zero metres east to west. Furthermore, we round up distances to the next higher 100 metres. This safeguards you from attempts, using triangulation, to locate you precisely. Group and Event locations, however, are given precisely.


A full statement of gigglemusic’s Privacy Policy can be found at this page.


All your Profile data, except for your base location and your email address, are visible to other users of gigglemusic. If you don’t want other members to see your telephone number, or your date of birth, don’t add them to your profile. Your current location is always shown to the nearest (higher) one hundred metres. Bear in mind that when you create an Event or Group, the location of the Event or Group will, by default, be taken from your base location, and will be shown accurately to other users. If you want always to conceal your base location be careful when creating Events and Groups to specify a different location for these. If you set up an event at your own home it is advisable to define this as private and invitation only.   We do not share any data from gigglemusic with any third party. It is possible, in the future, that we will provide anonymized data to advertising agents, but we will provide notice when and if we do this.

how can I exclude myself from people searches?

gigglemusic show other users in your vicinity, ordered by proximity to the location you have chosen, which may be your base location, current location or another chosen location. Distance to each user may also be shown, depending on their settings. You, too, will appear in searches made by other users unless you choose to exclude yourself. You can do this by checking the Omit My Profile from Searches checkbox on your Profile. You can change this setting at any time. You will still be able to search for events and groups and the distance to those events and groups will still be shown. 

how can I take over the management of a group created by gigglemusic?

Several thousand musical organisations have been set up in gigglemusic in advance of the app’s launch. Such information has been taken from public sources and usually comprises a website address, a contact email address taken from the website, the organisation’s name and location. You may be a music society, professional or amateur music group. We may have contacted you using the email address to you to let you know that we have done this, in the hope that you will take over the management of the Group in gigglemusic, advertise your events and encourage your members to join and take full advantage of gigglemusic. To take over management of your Group, contact gigglemusic by initiating a Chat with ‘Events Administration’, a profile you can easily find on a People search using the search text string: ‘Events’. You may also contact us directly through our website and we will adjust the settings for you.


If you’re the manager of a Group you’re able to control the settings that determine the way a Group works. There’s a checkbox at the bottom of the Manage Group screen – Allow Anyone to Join – that determines whether gigglemusic users can join your Group of their own accord, or must either be invited or apply to join.


If you’re the manager of a Group you’re able to control the settings that determine the way a Group works. There’s a checkbox at the bottom of the Manage Group screen – Allow Members to Create Events – that enables or disables members from creating Events.


If you’re the manager of a Group you’re able to control the settings that determine the way a Group works. There’s a checkbox at the bottom of the Manage Group screen – Allow Members to Start Chats – that enables or disables members from initiating Group-wide chats.


If you’re the manager of a Group you’re able to control the settings that determine the way a Group works. There’s a checkbox at the bottom of the Manage Group screen – Private (Absent from searches) – that determines whether a Group can be found by gigglemusic users when they tap Groups on the Home Page.

how can I publicise my group's events?

Users of gigglemusic can search for Events near their base, current, or any other location of their choosing. If you’re managing an orchestra, choir or band that gives public concerts you will want such concerts to appear as Events in gigglemusic searches. To create such events you must first open a Group’s diary. If you’re the Group manager or the Group allows you, as a member, to create Events, you can access the Group Diary by tapping the three dots next to Group name and selecting Group Diary. From Group Diary you can create a new Group Event. If you want your Event to be visible to all gigglemusic users you must make sure not to mark it as Private. Group members who have chosen to copy all new Group Events to their diaries will thereby be informed of any new Event. Other gigglemusic users, such as Friends or members of other Groups to which you belong can be invited. Tap the three dots next to the Event name and select Invite.

my group organises rehearsals before its public concerts. how can I make rehearsals invisible to non-group members?

You can easily mark rehearsals as Private. This means that they won’t be listed in Events searches. Only Group members will see them in the Group Diary, or in their own diaries if they have elected to update their own diaries automatically when new Events are added to the Group Diary.

I'm the manager of a group but I want someone else to manage it. what should I do?

When you first create a Group (an orchestra, choir, band, family group, or discussion group, for example) you become the first member of the Group and its manager. As manager of the Group you possess privileges that other members do not possess, such as control over Group settings (what members can and cannot do), the Group’s image and other useful attributes. In due course you may want to relinquish the responsibilities of Group management. To do so, you must invite another Group member to take over the role, using the button at the bottom of the Manage Group page. Once your invitation has been accepted you will cease to be the Group’s manager, and you may also, then, leave the Group if you wish.

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