We've just released Version 1.7

We’ve just released gigglemusic Version 1.7.

The new version:

  • extends the use of notifications to notify users of likes and comments on media posts (you’ll also be notified if others comment on a post that you’ve commented on)
  • enables photographs for Items for Sale
  • shows deadline date rather than uploaded date on the Gigs & Jobs list, leaving the date blank for open opportunities.
  • enables the posting of WAV audio files as Media Posts
  • enables the specification of external media files, such as YouTube videos, on Media Posts. Users can now link a Media Post to an external video.
  • extends compression for Media Posts on Android devices
  • allows users to mark Media Posts (typically examples of their playing) as Showcase Posts
  • introduces system-wide notifications by gigglemusic (we’ll use this to notify you of musical events, and gigglemusic news)
  • greatly simplifies the ‘Invite your friends’ button. Please use it!

Download Version 1.7 from the App Store or from Google Play.

We’re still planning to improve navigation and graphics before year-end and to re brand gigglemusic as mondomusic..


We’ve added nearly 70,000 musical events to gigglemusic. Add your own.

Gigs & Jobs

There are more than a thousand open professional Gigs & Jobs in gigglemusic. We update these daily, consolidating opportunities from hundreds of websites from all over the world.


We’ve added thousands of music businesses to gigglemusic. If you offer a service to musicians, add your own business. It costs you nothing.

Download gigglemusic Version 1.6 from the App Store or from Google Play.

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