Be seen, heard and found on gigglemusic, the essential platform for performing musicians.

gigglemusic is designed to bring together music lovers, teachers, performers, music businesses, orchestras, ensembles and venues.

A complete guide to the musical world on your smartphone.

To make yourself visible as a performer:

  • List the instruments you play and/or the voices you sing
  • Give details of your most illustrious past performances and future commitments
  • Outline your qualifications
  • Show endorsements from other musicians and performers
  • Post videos, audios and pictures of your playing 
  • List the instruments you teach

Tap Create Something from the Home Page or Edit Profile from the menu icon to add to your profile.

To find others and to understand how you can be found and heard, tap People from the Home Page to find your closest musical colleagues.

Use the top-right filter button to narrow your search by instrument, ability, location and other tags.

Have a happy and musical 2022!

Download gigglemusic Version 1.6 from the App Store or from Google Play.

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