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‘Good things come to those who wait.’ A famous line from an immensely successful advertisement for Guinness (it takes two minutes to draw a good pint). Is it true?

It depends, of course, on how you wait. If you’re a musician, you can wait to be discovered but you’ll wait a long time if no one knows the first thing about you. It’s not enough to be ready. You’ve got to be available. You’ve got to be eligible. You’ve got to be visible. Someone has to know what you can do, so that when the moment comes, you’re the obvious choice – as Leonard Bernstein knew well when he stepped in at Carnegie Hall at a moment’s notice, and became an immediate sensation. (In that spirit I always travel to concerts with my oboe, in case someone asks ‘Is there an oboist in the house?’ It hasn’t yet happened, but I’m always ready! Good things come to those who wait. I’m still waiting for you on the gigglemusic app – download buttons below and above 😉. )

Even if it’s not about immediate celebrity, it helps to be visible.

Someone, near or far, might need a basset horn, a viol, a contrabassoon or a harp to fill a gap in an orchestra or ensemble they’re putting together for a performance. Your skills, your qualifications, your experience, your availability, your location, even the good opinions of others, all should be visible for anyone who needs someone with exactly your skills.

Good things come to those who wait, as long as they wait intelligently.

On gigglemusic you can register your instruments, your teachers, your qualifications and recommendations, the genres you’re most familiar with, what you’re looking for, when you’re available and what you’ve done. You can even build your own CV inside gigglemusic.

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Networking App for Professional Classical Musicians - gigglemusic

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