What’s on, where and when? How to find events on gigglemusic and more for music fans.

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Ever tried to find out what music event is on where at a moment’s notice?

I’m a frequent traveller and I’m crazy about opera (though not yet in the sense of certifiably so). Wagner’s operas in particular. So, if I’m travelling to London, I like to know what’s on at the Royal Opera House, at English National Opera, or, in the summer if there’s good weather in the offing, at Glyndebourne – though tickets at short notice at all of these venues are almost impossible to obtain. Each opera house website presents its schedule in its own particular way – often a slightly obscure way – and I find it frustrating when I can’t get a quick answer to the question, ’What’s on next week?’ Often you often have to start with what’s on – this or that opera – and then, for each opera, find out on which days it will be performed. It’s an arduous process ferreting out the information I need.

How convenient it would be then if I could search in just one place to find out what’s happening in or near London on a particular day, or, if in Vienna, say, on another day. How useful it would be if I could find out where Parsifal, my favourite of Wagner’s operas, is playing next year (Palermo in January, St Petersburg in February, Leipzig, Munich, Budapest and Vienna in April, Sofia and Berlin in June).

Using gigglemusic you can discover what’s on when and where with fewer taps. Opera houses, composers, operas, schedules, locations, links to ticketing websites – all just a tap away.

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You can also use gigglemusic to maintain your own private or public diary of the musical events you’re attending, and if your gigglemusic friends are attending the same event you can start a chat group to discuss the performance. gigglemusic contains the schedules of the world’s most prestigious opera house, and we’re adding more events day by day. Download the app and register for free from http://www.gigglemusic.net. Incidentally, my prize for the best opera house website goes to the Mariinsky Theatre in St Petersburg.

You’ve booked the location, chosen the menu, invited the guests, but what about the music? Find the perfect musical group using gigglemusic.

Weddings, civil partnerships, christenings, Bar Mitzvahs, birthday parties, wedding anniversaries, even funerals – none is quite the same without live music. Whether you need a string quartet, a choir, a brass band or a diva, you can find them all on gigglemusic, together with recommendations from their fans.

Find compatible musical friends on gigglemusic app!

You can enjoy a piece of music on your own, but it’s so much more fun if you’re enjoying it with someone else (though not a fractious child). Music is social. Performing musicians know that well, whether they’re playing for themselves or for an audience. And for the audience, there’s something wonderful about the shared experience, the companionable silence of listening to music intently with others. Even better if it’s others you know, and with whom you can discuss the finer points of performance during the interval. I once went to two performances of Wagner’s Tristan und Isolde during a solitary trip to Rome. They were fabulous performances, but it would have been much more fun if I hadn’t been alone. gigglemusic is a community of music lovers, whether performers, teachers or listeners. It isn’t a dating agency, but you can use it to find like-minded friends who share your tastes in Wagner, Bellini or Stockhausen?  Wherever you are you can find musicians near you. You can make contact, offer friendship, and discuss the finer points of whatever it is you love.
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