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gigglemusic has its origins in the jungles of Costa Rica. To be more precise, the idea came to me when I was staying at a very comfortable jungle resort hotel near the Arenal volcano. It was the Spring of 2018 and my partner and I were enjoying a two week break in Central America’s least spoiled, most peaceful, most prosperous country.

gigglemusic was born in the jungle of Costa Rica

We stayed in five different locations, and at each of them, I spent at least an hour a day practicing my oboe. I am a keen amateur. When I was in my twenties I even considered (though with great trepidation) attempting a professional career. Now, in my semi-retirement I’m making up for lost time and trying to regain the technique I once possessed. Music was, and is, one of the most important elements of my life.

Music was, and is, one of the most important elements of my life.

Playing the oboe alone is a pleasure (at least for me), but it occurred to me, as I practiced in the various conference rooms the hotels offered me, that it would be much more fun if I could find someone to play with me – a pianist, an oboist, a flautist, a violinist. But I knew no one in Costa Rica. 

How could I find another musician?

And then it struck me that something like a dating App might do the trick. Something like Tinder or Grindr, an App that listed all nearby musicians, tell me what they play, what they were looking for, etc. I searched the App Store for an App that would do this, but there was none that seemed suitable for classical musicians.

Now, by profession I’m a software designer, so I know a thing or two about databases and programming, so, on returning to Europe, I began to discuss a design proposal with musical friends and family. It would have to do more than simply show proximity, they told me. It would be useful if it could also be used for managing groups (orchestras, ensembles, choirs, etc.), as well as diaries and events. Something for professional musicians, as well as amateurs, teachers, administrators, fixers and music aficionados.

A year and a half later, we’re just a few steps away from launching gigglemusic - a sophisticated app for classical musicians.

gigglemusic logo and logotype in the jungle - gigglemusic is the best app for musicians
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